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Ukraine Dating Scams – Why Do They Exist?

Ukraine Dating Scams – Why Do They Exist?

Unfortunately, it is possible to say that the online dating industry is full of websites that are aimed to scam and fool you. Immoral people want to use single men and women who seek love and steal their money. Nevertheless, there are a few things that can help you avoid Ukraine dating scams easily and quickly. We will help you protect your online dating experience and show you how simply you can find a decent and reliable online dating website!

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Most common Ukraine dating scams

Let’s begin with a list of most common and popular ways to scam you while dating Ukrainian mail order brides online.

Your website asks you to provide your credit card information

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If you see that a platform that you use wants to get your credit card information without an adequate reason, you should be extremely suspicious. A site that asks such data upon registration should be eliminated in the first place! Remember – never give your personal information or credit card data if you are not willing to purchase premium content on the site. No decent and trustworthy platform would ask you to do that!

Your online date begs you to send her money

Another extremely popular way to be scammed online is through communicating with mail order brides. If you see that your date tells you a tear-jerking story about her family or situation and begs you to send her some money, be cautious! While it is not always a sign of a scam, mail order brides from Ukraine are advised by the website that they use not to ask for money. While it is not forbidden, it is highly frowned upon to do so. Therefore, if you see that your lady is asking you to send her a few hundred dollars, just report her account to the administration.

A website asks you to go to another dating site

Although it is quite an old way to steal money or personal information, you may find some shady websites posting numerous links to some third-party platforms. By following the link, you may find yourself on a dangerous site that could easily get your credentials or credit card information.

What to do to avoid getting scammed?

In the section above, we have covered the main ways of Ukraine dating scams. Now, let’s find out what you should do to protect your online dating experience:

  1. Use online dating websites that have a reputation online. Research your platform and read as many reviews and feedback stories as possible.
  2. Try to learn about your website a lot before using it. Read privacy and payment policies as well as a user agreement.
  3. Do not purchase any premium content during the first couple of days. Look around as a free member and test the platform out.
  4. Do not send money directly to your brides. You may send them gifts or flowers instead.
  5. Check whether the site cooperates with world-known organizations such as Visa, MasterCard, Norton Security, McAfee, etc.


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Indeed, Ukraine dating scams do happen from time to time. However, the most important thing you should do is take your time and analyze every single feature and tool of your chosen website. Conduct detailed and extensive research on your selected platform as it can save you from losing a lot of time and money! Lastly, make sure that you know almost everything about your website by reading its privacy and payment policies. Rest assured – sites that are created for the scam are not properly designed and written, which is why you could spot some inconsistencies or issues in the documents mentioned above.

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