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Buying A Ukraine Bride — How Much Money To Spend To Marry A Ukrainian Woman?

Buying A Ukraine Bride — How Much Money To Spend To Marry A Ukrainian Woman?

In general, it is important to note that dating and marrying a Women from Ukraine is quite affordable. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to spend a few hours every single day communicating with dozens of beautiful and charming young ladies online. Real-life communication, on the other hand, is quite costly. Well, let’s dive into the Ukrainian mail order brides cost!

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Why should you pay for online dating?

Buying A Ukraine Bride

The reason why you have to pay for communicating with Ukrainian girls for marriage is quite obvious. You are given access to a huge database with women for marriage who are ready to marry a foreign guy. You also can use diverse tools that suit your needs and preferences to communicate with ladies of your choice. Offering access to thousands of brides is costly, which is why dating platforms require you to become a premium member or purchase special premium credits.

If you are all about marrying a Ukrainian lady, you will need to get ready for your romance journey financially. That is why it is necessary to discover all the required information beforehand to avoid any inconveniences in the future. This article dwells on the ways to buy a Ukraine wife and outlines all the possible expenses to the tiniest details. Once you have all this information at hand, you will better understand what to expect from your dating experience.

Average Ukraine mail order bride cost

What factors affect the Ukraine bride cost?

Numerous factors affect the Ukrainian mail order brides cost. So, before you start your love-seeking venture, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Dating site of your choice. The price you will pay for online dating services is rather affordable. Depending on the website you opt for, your activity, and the features you use, you may spend from $50 to $180 per month. 
  • Nationality of your spouse. Girls from different ethnicities can be more and less demanding. So, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of a woman from a particular region before creating a connection. 
  • The lifestyle of your lady. If your girlfriend used to live a fancy and luxurious lifestyle, be ready to spend more on entertainment, restaurants, and gifts. That is why it is advisable to learn about your partner better before meeting in person. 
  • Flight tickets. The price for a round trip to Ukraine may vary depending on the dates, your language, and the airline agency you choose.    
  • City you are going to visit. The home city of your future wife drastically affects the final Ukraine bride price. Prices for the restaurants, accommodation, and even taxi services may vary depending on the city.
  • The final destination of your relationship. Are you going to spend several weeks with your girlfriend or bring her to your country? Depending on your future plans, you will pay for a K1 visa, flight tickets for your spouse, and wedding or not. 
buy a Ukraine wife

Once you look through the scheme of a possible Ukraine mail order bride cost, you will see that online dating assumes fewer expenses compared to real-life meetings. That is why it is advisable to start your love journey using dedicated online services and then proceed with visiting Ukraine.  

How to buy a Ukraine wife?—All aspects covered

Buying a Ukraine bride is a delicate process that requires following particular procedures. Keep in mind that the words “to buy a bride” don’t mean you will offer somebody money to get a girl. It means that you will need to pay for the services of dating sites and traveling to create a connection with your future spouse. So, follow these steps to get a Ukrainian girl and build deep bonds. 

  1. Create an account on a reputable site. Choose one of the trusted dating platforms to create an account. Fill in the profile to get the most optimal matchmaking suggestions and pick the suitable package to use the site’s features.
  2. Interact with your girlfriend. Use the searching options and start communicating with the girls you like the most. You are free to cooperate with as many girls as you like. The majority of dating platforms allow you to chat, exchange messages and media, and even talk using video calls. 
  3. Request a personal meeting. If you feel like you managed to create a rapport with your girlfriend, you can boost your relationship by asking for a real date. If your lady really wants to build a deeper connection, she will surely agree to meet with you.   
  4. Organize a trip to Ukraine. You can use the services of dedicated agencies or join a romance tour to travel to Ukraine. Keep in mind that offline dating requires more substantial expenses, so you will need to consider the above-mentioned expenses beforehand.  
  5. Get everything ready to live a happy life in your country. If you decide to give your couple a chance, you will need to plan your future life. Most likely, you will bring your lady to your country, so make sure you can pay for the flight tickets for your spouse, K-1 visa, and other expenses related to her relocation. 

Why should you pay for online dating?

When you take a deep dive into the mail order bride world, you may also wonder why you need to pay for the dating services. Here are some reasons why dedicated platforms require payment for their services.

Ukraine Bride Cost
  • Effectiveness. With a well-elaborated search available on the majority of reputable sites, you can quickly find your soulmate. Just filter out all the necessary parameters, and the system will show you accounts of potential matches. Moreover, with advanced messaging features, you can quickly achieve your dating goals. 
  • Safety. If you use social media sites or questionable free dating platforms to hunt for girls internationally, there are high chances you will become a victim of a scammer. Once you use the services of a trusted mail order bride site, you get access to hundreds of verified profiles of beautiful girls. Moreover, with the help of built-in communication tools, you keep your personal information secure. 
  • Money-saving search. Most dating platforms are affordable for a regular American man. Agree, it is better to pay $100 a month rather than browsing questionable sites and being scammed or traveling to Ukraine to search for a wife everywhere and nowhere. That is why, in most cases, the price for mail order bride services is completely justified. 
SitePrice fromSpecial offer
JollyRomance$2.99Generous discount for the first credit package order 
BravoDate$2.9920 credits for every newly-registered user
UkraineBride4you$3.992 Free Chat Vouchers and 2 Free Say Hi greeting vouchers after filling out the profile
AmourFactory$2.9910 complementary credits after email confirmation 

Credit packages and membership plans

Ukrainian Mail Order Brides Cost

On your journey to a wonderful bride from Ukraine, you are going to find many sites that offer you premium content through two major methods. You can buy a premium subscription and gain access to all premium content that is available on the website. Similarly, you may find platforms that use a credit-based system, which allows you to purchase credits separately. Let’s examine these methods in detail.

Sites with a premium subscription method

Well, a lot of platforms implement a membership system, which means that only premium members can communicate and interact with brides for marriage. Free or standard members are given a limited set of tools and features that could be used as a way to learn more about the platform. Usually, a membership can be divided into following packages:

  • 1 month for $9.99-$19.99
  • 3 months for $29.99-$49.99
  • 6 months for $59.99-$89.99
  • 12 months for $119.99-$139.99

Platforms with premium credits

Very often, you could find a platform with thousands of online brides from Ukraine that implements a so-called credit-based approach. In other words, you buy a certain package with these tokens and then spend them separately on communication tools and features. Such an approach allows you to control your spending and use only tools that you want. Here are average prices for these packages:

  • 3-10 credits for $9.99-$15.99
  • 15-25 credits for $19.99-$25.99
  • 30-50 credits for $29.99-$45.99
  • 100-250 credits for $79.99-$115.99

Before creating an account on a particular website, it is always good to know the prices. Thus, if you join JollyRomance, you can make the most out of the free 20 credits to test the platform out. Once you spend your complementary credits, you will have an opportunity to order the first package at a significantly reduced price. Therefore, instead of $9.99, you will need to pay only $2.99. Overall, you can choose between the following packages to pay for website services.

  • $9.99—20 credits
  • $19.99—50 credits
  • $44.99—125 credits
  • $69.99—250 credits
  • $149.99—750 credits

UkraineBride4you offers a different experience for its users. The platform provides a special price for the first 2 credits. You can pay only $3.99 instead of $15.99. As soon as your credits expire, you can pick the following plans:

  • $15.99—2 credits
  • $96—16 credits
  • $399—100 credits

Which premium tools can you use on mail order bride websites?

Whether you purchase a premium membership or a package with premium credits, you should know what tools and features you could use on a site. Since most of the time, all platforms offer the same set of options, we believe that this section is going to be quite useful for you.


There is no point in denying that communication is the core of online dating. Most of the time, interaction and communication with brides is hidden behind premium tools and features. You will have to pay to chat with your brides, and all premium content revolves around this feature.

Overall, you can use instant chat, video calls, and watch streams of gorgeous women. Usually, you will be charged for a particular number of credits per minute when you use an instant voice or video chat. 

Gift and flower delivery

You can purchase gifts and flowers and send them to your brides in real-life through credits or as a part of your premium membership access. This is a great way to surprise your women online!

The catalog of mail order bride websites includes a rich array of presents. You can choose the one that fits your budget. The platform partners will gladly deliver a gift right to your girlfriend’s door. 

Ukraine mail order bride cost

Organization of real-life dates

This is the special feature that may not be implemented on all dating sites. Usually, the cost of such a feature can be up to several thousand dollars.

You will be charged for this feature as soon as your partner accepts the request. Keep in mind that real dates considerably affect the Ukraine bride price since you will have additional expenses related to transportation, accommodation, and entertainment. 

How to avoid scammers on dating sites?

Romance scammers can cause numerous inconveniences for aspiring dating site users. Usually, they create fake accounts and interact with gullible people. They use numerous tricks to make their victims believe that they have found their significant others. Aside from financial fraud, every user may become a victim of phishing attacks, identity thefts, and webcam blackmail. 

Even if you use the services of a trusted platform, nobody can guarantee you 100% security. That is why it is necessary to follow some safety rules to avoid scammers.

  • Choose a reputable platform.
  • Don’t reveal your personal information.
  • Avoid transferring money to people you cooperate with, even if you think you are soulmates. 
  • If someone blackmails you or insists on sending money, feel free to report the case to the local police.
  • Block all suspicious accounts and contact the customer support of the site. 
  • Don’t share your bank and credit details. 
  • Be careful when talking with strangers and always check profiles for authenticity. 

What are the best regions to find mail order brides?—Possible expenses outlined 

Ukraine is a large country, and the mail order Ukraine bride price may differ depending on the region. Thus, the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, has higher prices in restaurants. Also, you will need to pay more for hotel rooms. Based on booking.com, the average price for a 4-stars hotel near the city center is $90 per night. Taxi services are also more expensive than in other regions, so be ready to pay a lot for transportation.  

Odesa is one of the most prominent destinations for romantic tours in Ukraine. Since it is a resort town, the accommodation prices are rather high. Depending on the location from the seaside, you can rent an apartment for $50 per night or book a hotel for $80 per night. Odesa includes a slew of restaurants. Be ready to pay about $80 for a modest dinner for two in an average restaurant in Odesa.   

Western Ukraine amazes with its beautiful brides and unique traditions. There are also numerous tourist cities in this part of Ukraine. If you are going to visit Lviv, be ready to pay around $60 per night. If public transport is not for you, you will need to spend around $150 on taxi services during your two-week vacation. The average restaurant bill in Lviv is about $50 for two people.   

Look through the Ukrainian mail order brides pricing in different regions to choose the most suitable spot for your love adventures.    

CityAccommodation per 10 daysTransportationEntertainmentTotal price

Bringing a mail order bride to the US: Possible expenses

If you decide to develop a relationship with a girl from Ukraine, it is just the time to think about possible expenses related to bringing your spouse to the US. First off, it is necessary to book a one-way flight ticket. The average price for a trip from Kyiv to New York is $500. 

To enter the country, your future wife should apply for a fiancé visa. This is a relatively time-consuming process since it requires a medical checkup and an interview with a consular officer. The approximate price of a K1 visa is $1,000, including all expenses. 

Keep in mind that when you ask your spouse to move to your country, you will need to support her financially at the beginning of your relationship since, most likely, she won’t have the opportunity to work.    

Our findings

women for marriage from Ukraine cost

Well, as you see, online dating is relatively affordable compared to real-life dating, and Ukrainian mail order brides’ cost is quite low. One may agree that a whole month of communication with the best women for marriage from Ukraine can cost you less than a single real-life date with a girl. Online communication offers exceptional opportunities that can help you meet your ideal women easily, quickly, and affordably!

The main thing here is to find a reliable platform to organize an effective and safe dating journey. If you have no idea which platform to entrust your romance venture, feel free to approach such sites as JollyRomance, BravoDate, UkraineBride4you, and AmourFactory. They include all the necessary features for you to enjoy smooth communication with stunning Ukrainian women. Moreover, the value per money ratio will surely amaze you. Don’t postpone your happy family life and create an account right away.    


Is online dating more affordable than traditional dating?

If you register on one of the trustworthy platforms, you will need to pay from $50 to $200 for the credit packages or subscription plan per month. During this time, you can communicate with multiple women to choose the best match. Once you opt for traditional dating, you can spend $200 just for one date night, and nobody guarantees you success. So, as you see, online dating is a lot cheaper compared to traditional one. 

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?

The average Ukrainian mail order brides cost is about $2,500-$3,000. Everything depends on the duration of your vacation and the region. No less essential is the lifestyle you and your spouse follow. Also, don’t forget about the gifts. It goes without saying that all girls like gifts, but it’s only up to you how expensive the compliments for your woman will be.

How much does it cost to bring Ukrainian women to your home country?

Bringing a Ukrainian lady to the US requires additional expenses. Aside from buying flight tickets ($500), you will need to pay for a K1 visa ($1,000). After your wedding, your spouse is eligible to apply for a Green Card, which also costs a substantial amount of money ($1,200). 

What is included in the bride price list?

The mail order price list includes numerous aspects. Actually, you will need to pay for online and offline dating. It is advisable to start from the former since it will cost you up to $200 per month. When you decide to give your relationship a boost, feel free to organize a trip to Ukraine. The expenses related to online dating include airline tickets, hotels, taxi and transfer services, entertainment, gifts, and meals. 

How much does a K1 visa cost?

The average price for a K1 visa is around $1,000. First off, it is necessary to fill the form I-129F, which will cost you $535. The next aspect is a medical checkup. The price for a medical exam varies depending on the situation, but usually, it is around $200. The fee for the actual K-1 visa application is $265.

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